Humidifiers + Hydrated Skin January 17 2016

During these cold winter months, it’s easy to get trapped in a home of dry air and chance of infection. Humidifiers relieve sinusitis, keep our nasal passages lubricated, heal common colds faster, alleviate snoring, and support healthy skin. Our face, hands, and lips feel more supple and hydrated after a night sleeping with a humidifier. The results are proven: humidifiers maintain healthy bodies inside & out.

Our skin cells naturally lose moisture during the dry winter months. When it’s dry enough, the moisture on our top surface layer of skin will evaporate into the air. Adding humidity to your air will in turn infuse your skin with moisture - soothing dry cracked skin, healing sore acne blemishes, and calming irritated skin conditions. Cold air humidifiers don’t harbour bacteria as quickly as hot air, but it’s still recommended to replace the water daily, and keep it wherever you spend most of your time throughout the day. I like to have one on beside my bed at night time; the soothing white noise is appreciated by some and not by others, so you decide where is best for your home!

xx Cassandra