Active Ingredient | Lemon February 11 2016

Lemons are vitamin C rich fruits that enhance your beauty by rejuvenating skin from within + bringing a youthful glow to your face. Internally, lemons help maintain the immune system, improve digestion, purify the blood, and eliminate toxins. Topically, lemon can be used as an antiseptic to clear bacteria (a leading cause of acne), lighten scarring and sun spots, and clarify + brighten complexions. 

Lemon is a stimulating and invigorating scent. Find it in our Focus Now Therapeutic Roll On which aids in improving concentration, reducing mental fatigue and stimulating mental clarity. We also use the powerful lemon oil in our Custom Facial Treatments

Drinking lemon water daily is a great way to gently cleanse the body. It helps maintain a natural PH balance, flush out toxins, absorb nutrients, replenish body salts and cure the common cold. This is a highly alkaline drink - a great way to start your day, especially as it helps offset highly acidic intake (fast food, coffee and sweets)! 

Morning Detox Water

Fresh mint leaves 
Filtered or boiled water 

Clean the mint leaves and place them in the bottom of your pitcher or glass. Cut your lemons in slices and add to the mint. Pour water in. Enjoy!

xx Cassandra

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