Spring Detoxing for health + vitality April 28 2016

Spring is a great season for detoxing. As the seasons change and we transition into warmer months, the body is naturally shedding accumulative debris. Practitioners of early healing traditions understand that resting some of the major body systems, especially the digestive system, is integral to vital health. Fasting and silencing the body, mind and spirit is essential to a peaceful, deeply fulfilling and long lasting life. 

Detox Basics
Once you have finished the work of processing your food your body then turns to detox mode. It usually takes 8 hours after your last meal for this function to start working. If you eat a small meal, it may be less time, and a larger meal results in longer than 8 hours. Liquid meals are very easily digested, taking the least amount of time to break down. Once digestion is complete, the signal to release accumulated toxins from tissues into circulation is triggered. This process will benefit from mindfulness, balanced diet and exercise to successfully release all toxins. 

A healthy liver regulates fat metabolism, is the primary fat burning organ, and is where the bulk of the critical detoxification work occurs. If the liver is storing an excess of fat, it's unable to function properly and toxins accumulate. This is why it's an amazing idea to detox as the seasons change; it decreases the amount of buildup and makes every day detoxing more successful. 

Detoxification also means getting rid of bad thoughts + feelings and letting go of negative relationships, emotions, jobs or environments. It means much more than just cleaning your body and maximizing the liver function. It includes meditation and clearing + calming your mind. This is a great time to reverse bad habits and set new intentions for daily life. 

Skin Elimination
(Skin = our largest organ) If you are a healthy person, the skin is spared the job of eliminating heavy-duty toxins and mucus, which surface on our skin as blemishes, inflamed bumps, cysts and more! In an ideal world, the skin will mainly releases excess water, minerals, and salts. However, if your bowels are not doing their job, the body will recruit other organs of elimination to compensate. 

At Province Apothecary we have many topical products to help alleviate these symptoms, heal the skin on a surface level and calm any annoying irritations. If you want to get to the root of your skin concerns, we suggest trying a detox program to help eliminate waste and bacteria from within and start you on the right path to healthy, glowing skin! You can find a list of our recommended Naturopaths here.

xx Cassandra

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