3 Morning Rituals for a More Peaceful Day December 01 2015

Morning Rituals

Everyday is a new day, a new beginning and a fresh start. Mornings are a magical time to create a self-care, self-love ritual. Even if it means getting up an hour earlier, making the initial effort to change your routine can not only make you feel better, it can also bring your energy levels up, which can lead to happier thoughts, and a more optimistic mindset. This leads to gained energy to help us cope with the often fast pace of life these days and will enhance a positive outlook where we actually expect good things to happen to us.

Right after you wake up in the morning, get your body moving gently with some yoga poses. This post from Yoga Journal has some great poses to get you started, and is broken down in terms of how much time you have available to incorporate this habit into your day, whether you only have 5 minutes to spare, or 30 minutes.

Practise Gratitude
Taking a few moments in the morning to set a candle, or light incense, and reflect on what you are grateful for, is a simple yet powerful way to put things in your life back into perspective.

Listen to Music
Uplifting music can have a direct impact on our mood especially in the morning. It charges us emotionally and tunes us into a more positive outlook of the day ahead. Most people wake up to music or listen to music as they commute to work. Being conscious of the music you listen to in the morning can have a great impact on your day and life in general. Try to listen to more uplifting music in the morning even if, or especially if, your mood does not dictate so.

Have a peaceful day!

xx Whitney