Fermenting Foods February 18 2016

Photo by Jessica Dixon

What are fermented foods? They go through a process called lactofermentation in which the bacterial culture feeds on sugars + starch in the food creating lactic acid. This is a natural preservation process, producing beneficial enzymes, b-vitamins, Omega 3's and probiotics. Naturally fermenting your foods will preserve these benefits, including improving the digestion of nutrients. We talk more about the importance of digestion here.

Healthy gut = healthy mind, body and SKIN! Fermented foods assist in the development of healthy gut flora, which is essential as many of us are inadvertently killing most of our good bacteria by eating processed foods, harbouring stress, and ingesting antibiotics. The secret to healthy living starts with repairing the lining of our gut and letting our digestive system work properly again. This will manifest physically in radiant + clear skin,   decreased bloating, luscious + rejuvenated hair, and more!  

Fermented foods have been popular for a long time in various different cultures; From kimchi in Korea to sauerkraut in Germany, studies have shown that consuming fermented foods regularly leads to improved overall health. The amount of live enzymes in our modern food production has declined drastically over the years, and we are in constant search of ways to increase our absorption. Adding a scoop of sauerkraut to your sandwich, kimchi in your rice bowl or pickled carrots on your salad are simple ways to incorporate fermentation in your meals. Kombucha can easily be brewed at home and enjoyed daily to improve bowl function, elimination of toxins and increase mental clarity. 

Here are our favourite recipes for delicious fermented foods we suggest incorporating into your diet! 







Don't want to make it yourself? We love these local companies that focus on fermenting foods naturally and organically! Find them at various farmers markets or select retailers across the GTA. 

Spade and Spoon Preserves
Alchemy Pickle Company

 xx Cassandra