National Hangover Day January 01 2016


It's #NationalHangoverDay and we've got your number one cure! Take a tablespoon of our Hangover Remedy with a small glass of filtered water as often as needed throughout your day. 

Our Hangover Remedy is a handcrafted botanical tincture that uses traditional herbal methods to help alleviate nausea and headaches, while cleansing and toning the liver and detoxifying your body. It is an all natural blend of flowers, herbs, seeds, and roots, combined to ensure adaptogenic, tonic, carminative, and anti-emetic effects.  

Here's a little more about these amazing healing ingredients..

Meadowsweet herb is a traditional, natural remedy for headaches from which aspirin was originally synthesized. It's anti-inflammatory with calming properties that ease heartburn, nausea, and acid reflux.
Ginger root is a nurturing and incredibly soothing anti-emetic for nausea and upset stomachs. Its antispasmodic and warming constituents are ideal for when you’re feeling low-energy and under the weather.
Fo-ti is a Chinese adaptogenic herb that boosts energy, rejuvenates the nerves and brain cells, tones the kidneys and liver, and purifies the blood.
Milk Thistle has the remarkable ability to detoxify, protect and strengthen the liver and the body against the harmful effects of toxins.

Keep a bottle of our Hangover Remedy handy for those morning-after-parties when you want to wake up + feel alive! It's a New Year, no use spending the whole day in bed (but we wouldn't judge you if you did)! This potent healer will spring you back to reality and awaken your vitality. 

If you're feeling ready to get up + get moving, we love this Yoga for Hangovers video. 

xx Cassandra