Detox | A juice cleanse experience with Village Juicery September 29 2016 by Holistic Aesthetician

As many of my clients know, I am a huge fan of cleansing. For the past couple years I've done a juice cleanse while transitioning into the Spring season. I've noticed amazing results from these cleanses mentally, physically and spiritually. I believe that giving our bodies a break from digestion is essential in long-term health, so i've made it a goal of mine to cleanse every Spring. That being said, this past Summer has been a gluttonous one, so i've decided I need a second reboot this year! Cleansing is a great way to reinstate healthy eating habits and clear out all the toxins i've accumulated this past season. 

Village Juicery is one of my favourite Toronto based juice companies for many reasons, and their efficient approach to cleansing is one of them (read more on Village Juicery here). I like that they feature 3 sections of cleansing - Prepare, Elimination, and Reset. Instead of a sudden change in diet (going from your regular diet one day to only juices the next) they promote a gradual change - starting with a day of plant based foods and juices, leading into a day (or more) of purely juice, followed by another day of easy to digest plant based foods and juices. 

When you decide you'd like to start cleansing with them, they set you up with one of their experienced nutritionists for a personalized consultation. All of their staff members are knowledgeable, friendly and supportive! They'll figure out your goals for the cleanse - such as working on digestion, improving skin, boosting energy, etc. You'll then set up the length of your cleanse and a time to do it. Depending on the length of your cleanse, you can pick up the entire program on the first morning, or portions of it every day or every couple days. Since I did a 3 day cleanse, I picked everything up on the first morning and it was very convenient. Fair warning - you may get lots of heavy bottles to take home, so plan accordingly! 

Day 1: Prepare
On the first day of the cleanse, I recommend setting an intention for yourself. It's important to know why you're cleansing and what you'd like to achieve. This will help you stay on track whenever things get tough! For me, I find the first day quite easy, but I normally eat a whole foods + plant based diet, so this meal plan isn't far off from what i'd normally consume. I like that Gabby provided me with a sheet outlining what to consume at any given point throughout my day, it was simple and easy to understand. I found the jars and salad quite delicious - it was my first time trying their prepared foods and I was impressed! I recommend eating the last meal around 5-6pm, this helps prepare your body for the next day of only liquids. I worked a regular shift, and went to a 9pm yoga class that I regularly attend. I felt great, but I definitely didn't have as much energy as I normally do for the class - our bodies are releasing lots of toxins during this program, so it can be tiring to do some of our regular activities. I didn't push myself too hard during the workout, and I recommend getting a good nights rest after your long first day. 

Day 2: Elimination 
This is where things may get tricky! Being my 3rd time juice cleansing, I was used to the idea of not eating for a day. For some this can be a hard thing to do, so I recommend reminding yourself of your intentions and goals. I spoke with Gabby about focusing on skin health, so she recommended going to a sauna to help with skin detoxification. I drank plenty of warm lemon water throughout the day, and although I biked to work, I don't do to much physical activity during elimination days. I prefer a restorative yoga practice and lots of rest. My body felt drained by the end of the day - but in a good way! I could tell it had cleared out a lot of accumulated debris. I worked a full shift, and would usually go to a yoga class afterwards, but I opted out because I was already feeling exhausted. It is a lot of working detoxifying ourselves! I went home and pretty much straight to bed, looking quite forward to my probiotic jar the next morning. 

Day 3: Reset
This is the day that I really started feeling great. Lots of energy, clarity and appreciation for the food I introduced back into my diet. It's important to be mindful when consuming foods again - I recommend chewing slowly, savouring each mouthful and focusing on what you're eating. I loved that Village Juicery provided me with my meals for the day; it was so wonderful to not have to prepare foods, and to know that everything I was consuming was outrageously nutritious! By this time my body was eliminating debris regularly and I felt vibrant and light. The foods I ate made me feel full, but not heavy. I continued drinking plenty warm lemon water, and attended a flow yoga class after a full work day. I went to bed exhausted and had an amazing sleep! I have trouble with late-night-snacking and falling asleep, so my body appreciated consuming only liquids after 5pm. 

While Village Juicery is pleased to offer you a personalized reset program anytime of the year, they're facilitating another community reset program this October. This is a great time to cleanse alongside other local individuals and the entire VJ team! If you have any further questions regarding VJ's cleanses, reach out to Gabby here:

In conclusion, it was another wonderful cleansing experience. I am SO ready to embrace Fall and all the beauty it has to offer. Thanks to Village Juicery for creating such a fool proof detox program that anyone can enjoy! 

xx Cassandra