RECIPE | Julie's favourite holiday cookies December 22 2016

Delicious + Colourful shortbread cookies by Julie

I recently went over to a family friend's house to decorate shortbread cookies and didn't realize how fun, creative and relaxing the experience would be! Now I just cant stop, and everyone I know is getting cookies for the holidays!

I suggest making a batch of shortbread the day before, even the week before (it lasts for a while) and clear off the dinning room table. It's wonderful to have lots of space to work. 

My friends provided lots of cute cookie cutters, but you can find them at any kitchen store and someone even brought some awesome vintage ones. We used lots of colour sprinkles, silver balls, sugar hearts + snowflakes and sprinkles as decorations.  

Here are my 2 favourite shortbread recipes:

Simple icing:
2 cups powdered sugar 
1/4 milk or water (dairy-alternatives like soy or almond work too)
1 tsp vanilla 

Mix icing ingredients together in a bowl. Spoon it into a piping bag, small squeeze bottle or use a plastic ziplock bag with the corner cut out. 

I like to draw patterns on the cookies and dip them into the sprinkles! you can also apply the larger decorations with tweezers.  

Happy Holidays!
xx Julie