As the seasons begin to change, your diet, lifestyle, and skincare routine should adjust to reflect the new approaching winter season. Layering is the key to adapting your skincare routine to the cold dry Canadian winter climate. Layering is a term we use to describe applying multiple hydrating products on the skin morning + night to provide + maintain ample moisture levels within the skin. 

Layer your products from lightest to heaviest.

Our Invigorating + Balancing Toner is a fantastic base for your layered skincare regime. When using oil based serums, always apply them to damp skin as it's more permeable, thus allowing the ingredients to feed the skin on a deeper level. Our Toner is an ideal way to dampen the skin as it contains PH balancing rose water. Spritz the skin to moisten, then follow with an oil serum.

Next comes serum. We love blending Custom Face Serums for our clients as we can modify each recipe to reflect the shift in climate. Our Custom Serums are hand blended just for you, so your serum will be unique to your specific skincare needs. We recommend applying 5-10 drops of your oil serum directly to the skin while it's damp with toner. Massage it in liberally for a few minutes to stimulate collagen + elastin fibres and release tension commonly held in the face.

Next, layer on with a moisturizer on top of your oil serum. We recommend our Nourishing + Revitalizing Moisturizer. This anti-aging, brightening and softening lotion adds radiance and nourishment with phytonutrient apricot, carrot, rose and grapefruit. You can apply the moisturizer directly to the skin after applying your toner and oil serum. Quick tip: Add 2-5 drops of serum directly into your moisturizer to help boost its potency. Most moisturizers contains some sort of water (flower, aloe, distilled) which will help the serum penetrate into the skin.

When the cold harsh winds appear, we suggest taking your skincare regime a step further and replacing your face cream for something a little more heavy-duty. After toning and applying your oil serum, layer our Protecting + Restoring Face Balm for sufficient protection from the extremely dry, irritating winds and harsher climate. Massage the face balm between your palms or fingertips before applying to your skin, as this will warm up the product and allow for easier application. Spray some more toner or add a few drops of water from your finger tips and continue massaging your skin. This way, you are making a raw cream that will deeply nourish and hydrate you skin.

You can always layer an all natural SPF on top of the above recommended products.