Our Favourite Healing Eczema Balm Staff Hacks November 15 2018

If you missed it last week, we’ve reformulated and re-launched one of our best-selling products! Our new + improved Healing Eczema Balm is the product that started it all here at Province Apothecary. Check out last week's blog post for more on Julie's journey towards alternative eczema management. Not only is this an amazing product for managing eczema flare ups, it also has so many other natural uses. We’ve compiled a list of our Healing Eczema Balm staff hacks so you can get the best out of your new favourite balm. We invite you to share your Healing Eczema Balm hacks too!

“I layer it on top of our Clear Skin Advanced Spot Concentrate before bed on angry, painful breakouts. It works really well with the spot concentrate to bring down inflammation and speed up healing. Use these products together either as a spot treatment or an overnight mask.”
Fran, Holistic Nutritionist

“I use it on my eczema whenever it flares up. I love using it as a treatment on top of our Hydrating Rescue Balm–using the Rescue Balm first helps lock in moisture and promote hydration in the skin. I also use it as a spot treatment for pimples, cold sores and hives. In the summer, I use our Eczema balm as a sunburn recovery balm. I will layer our eczema balm on top of our radiant body oil to soothe the redness and inflammation of a sunburn. “
Julie, Founder of PA

“I use it on my psoriasis at night time. I layer it with our Hydrating Rescue Balm for it’s amazing ability to reduce inflammation.”
Ami, Clinic Manager

“This product is excellent after shaving the bikini zone to prevent ingrowns! Also gave a tin to my friend to use as diaper rash cream for her newborn, and she and her baby’s bum loves it.”
Candice, Production Planning Manager

“I love using it on bug bites and burns to soothe itchiness and speed up healing time.”
Dixie, Holistic Skin Therapist

“During hormonal flare ups, my skin is more reactive and sensitive so I find this works as a great anti-inflammation recovery for hives and histamine reaction over both face and body.”  
Sarah, Skin Expert

“I’m prone to Rosacea as it runs in my family, so I know that if I have too many glasses of red wine / sugary desserts / caffeine my face will turn into a tomato! The Eczema Balm is my go-to as an overnight healing mask to un-do the hazardous effects of my guilty pleasures.”  
Cassandra, Holistic Skin Therapist + Aromatherapist