Our Natural Face-Lift massage January 05 2017 by Holistic Aesthetician

This is Julie's secret weapon for toned skin.  She has designed a 2-step technique that combines pressure point and massage to help lift and rejuvenate your skin.  We are calling it our NATURAL FACE-LIFT MASSAGE 

Step 1: Pressure Points

Start  by stimulating 14 pressure points on the face, as a toning facial wake-up. All 14 points are illustrated in the image above. 
These are the most important points to target during your massage. Your face is a map of your body, by pressing and massaging certain areas, you can affect body wellness.
Use your index fingers and apply pressure to each point for 3-10 seconds. You will know you are on the point because you will feel a dull ache. You can repeat these after the massage (step 2) if you like. 

Step 2: Massage
Follow these directions to perform the toning + lifting  massage:
1. Mix your oil serum with water and apply to your neck and face. This is a great opportunity to warm up the skin and prepare it for the massage. Apply your serum in circular, upward strokes. 
2. Starting on your neck, warm up your lymphatic glands under each ear with light pressure and circular motions. 
3. Massage the chin and move out along the jawline, using outward strokes. 
4. Move across the 'smile' lines, point #3. You can massage the upper lip as well.
5. Keep massaging across your cheeks, lifting them and releasing tension from the muscles. You can do long strokes, or small circles. 
6. Use circular strokes around each eye. This will help with drainage and puffiness. 
7. Pinch the 3 points on your eye brows: #9,10,11. Starting at the centre and moving out to the edge. Circle your eyes afterwards. *You can do as many eye circles as you like. Remember, gently lift your eyebrows as you do the circle. 
8. Massage your forehead. This is where we have lots of fine lines, start massage in between your eyebrows and move up to the rest of your forehead. Always massage perpendicular to your fine lines. * you can do zigzags, small circles or scissors.
9. Finish your massage by running your hands across your face with a gentle sweeping motion, starting on your forehead and going down your face. This will help drain any excess lymph and help tone and lift your skin. 
10. You can activate the 14 pressure points again to complete the technique. 
Perform this entire routine on your face once a day for best results. 


xx Julie
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