Our anti-aging tips + tricks for more youthful eyes May 18 2017


The skin around your eyes is unique! It's very delicate and is the starting point for the first signs of aging, so it deserves special care and attention.

The skin surrounding your eye sockets is 3x thinner than the skin on the rest of your face  and should be treated with a gentle touch and specially formulated products. 


As we get age, the skin around our eyes becomes progressively thinner due to a breakdown of collagen. The skin around the eye area is constantly moving throughout the day - it is much more active than the rest of our face, showing many expressions and emotions. The tissue around the eyes has very few oil glands, leading to faster dehydration and a general lack of moisture in the area, which in turn creates wrinkles and overall dullness. 

Our Enhancing + Replenishing Eye Serum is formulated specifically for the particular skin around our eyes. The powerful antioxidants found in this eye serum work to repair free-radical damage and fight the signs of aging. By gently yet effectively toning the skin, stimulating cell renewal and correcting the effects of time, this concentrated serum transforms the delicate skin around the eyes for a radiant, youthful appearance.

Rose otto is an ancient anti-aging secret, valued for its ability to naturally hydrate and balance the skin. Rose oil promotes cell regeneration through boosting the skin’s collagen and elastin, working to gently tone and tighten while reducing the appearance of fine lines and redness.

Eyebright leaf has been used since the 14th century to restore and illuminate the eyes. Rich in antioxidants, Eyebright reduces puffiness while protecting the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals.

Green Tea’s natural caffeine content energizes and combats redness and puffiness around the gentle eye area. This powerful botanical encourages blood flow, alleviating constricted blood vessels and dark circles while correcting and balancing skin tone.

Evening Primrose and Raspberry oil are rich in essential fatty acids, which help to increase the skin’s elasticity

Sarah's secret to more youthful eyes is to perform a gentle eye massage when applying your serum!

After cleansing, spritz your face with toner and apply a few drops of eye serum to your orbital bone (the bottom of the eye socket). When applying products to your eye area, do not apply too close to the eye socket. The natural movement of the area will draw product towards the eye.

Perform this massage technique using gentle pressure and both hands at the same time. Do not tug at the skin. Apply more serum if you find you are pulling at the skin.

  1. With two fingertips, circle around eye socket lifting the inner corner, under the brow, with a little more pressure. Repeat x 3
  2. Pinch at the beginning, middle and ends of your eyebrows between your thumb and index finger, and hold each point for 5 seconds.
  3.   a) With light pressure and two fingers, draw 3 small circles on the outer corner of eyes (where ‘crowsfeet’ appear). Repeat in the reverse direction.
    b) Using two fingertips, gently draw small circles along eye socket toward the inner corner, then complete a full eye circle in one smooth movement. Repeat x3.

1.                                                              2.                                                        3.a+b


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Cassandra’s Favourite DIY Cooling + Soothing Eye Mask

Fresh aloe vera juice/gel (ideally straight from the source- your house plant!)

    1. Break off a small piece of your aloe vera plant, and scoop out the gel in the middle.
    2. Place aloe gel in a small bowl and leave in the fridge for at least 5 minutes.
    3. Apply cold aloe to your eye area gently, using your ring finger.
    4. Allow the gel to soak into the skin completely, and either leave on the skin or gently pat the area with a wet washcloth to remove excess.
    Using fresh gel straight from an aloe vera plant provides the most potent and effective cooling, soothing and reparative benefits. Allowing the gel to cool in the fridge before application around your eye area will amplify the anti-inflammatory properties and further aid in reduction of puffiness and dark circles.