Take care of your skin naturally this winter February 23 2017


Taking care of your skin can be easy, so long as you know how to effectively adapt your skincare regimen to reflect the change in climate. We shared our top winter skincare tips with the team at 889 - click here for the full article on their blog!  See a summarized version below..

  • Layer your skincare products. Use a potent + pure face serum underneath your favourite face moisturizer or face balm.
  • Exfoliate your skin!  Aim to exfoliate every 3 days for best results.
  • Use dry brushes daily on the face and body. 
  • Hydrate yourself internally, as it prevents dry, cracked or irritated skin.
  • Aim to drink 1L or more of water daily, and drink consistently throughout your day.
  • Add fresh ginger root and lemon slices to warm water for an anti-inflammatory boost of hydration. 


Love your skin, no matter what season we're in.