Why we love Toronto makers and the Toronto Makes project! November 15 2017


Toronto loves makers, and we are so grateful to be part of this inspiring community! We’re looking forward to being part of the new and exciting Toronto Makes project by familyofthings.co . The book will bring together 50 Toronto independent makers and feature their personal stories and love they have for their craft, highlighting their beautiful work and entrepreneurial spirit. 

Looking back on the PA journey, founder Julie Clark feels so grateful to have landed in Toronto and started her business here.

Julie grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia and lived in Montreal and NYC. When she wanted to start a business she decided Toronto was the place to be.

In the past 7 years of growing PA, Toronto has been the most amazing and supportive community to grow a business within. Our Dundas West shop is surrounded by so many like-minded small businesses and it’s been an amazing experience to learn and grow together.

We're excited to be a part of this wonderful project and share the knowledge and wisdom from other brands that have been an inspiration to us!

"It’s exciting to be a part of a community of makers and like-minded individuals - their killer talent and hustle inspire me to keep pushing myself on a daily basis.”
- Corrine, Biko

"Support and inspiration from other makers help me run my business. With my arts background, much of what I’ve learned has been advice or stories from other makers – a driving factor in what keeps me going."
- Ali, Light + Paper


"I’m excited to be part of the growing makers movement in Toronto, and love the idea of sharing my work in a book that will hopefully inspire others to create something meaningful to them."
- Jess, Jess Hotson Textiles

"I’ve found that having a creative community to inform and inspire me has been the very thing that moved me to start my business. Projects like this that bring makers together are so important. It’s powerful to see so many amazing things being created in our city."
- Kristiann, Victory Patterns

"I always knew that when I opened my own shop that I wanted to do one thing really well. I love the idea of spending your entire career on perfecting one thing."
- Ashley, Glory Hole Donuts

Here is more info about Toronto Makes: The Book and their Kickstarter

An exciting collective of Toronto makers reveals their long-term relationships with their craft in an artful coffee table book, brimming with gorgeous photography. Discover their personal stories through each unique entrepreneurial journey, process, and passion. Your support will help bring this project to life.

We have been working hard all year to bring you this ambitious project. We can't wait to share the insights, images, and stories in a unique, 288+ page hardcover book and more. We're simply humbled to see talent and commitment of Toronto makers and what they offer the city! A lot of sweat and tears (of joy!) happen behind the scenes of book production.

Visit the Kickstarter campaign to support the making of this book: Toronto Makes Kickstarter

When you support Toronto Makes, you support this collective of entrepreneurs, employees, families, and local businesses. Your support helps cover the cost of photography (50 profiles mean a lot of images), prop styling, writing, art direction, editing, printing, promotion, and publishing.

Thanks for your support in making Toronto an amazing place for markers!


Julie + the PA TEAM


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