Natural Facelift Ritual
Organic Skincare + Custom Facials


First Time Clients

90 MIN $200

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Naturopathic doctor Dr. Nastasia Irons blends modern, traditional and herbal medicine to form a comprehensive treatment plan to allow your body to begin to heal itself. Includes a thorough history of chief concerns, previous medical history, assessment of sleep, energy, stress, digestion, mood, physical health, diet, exercise and full body analysis. Physical exams are performed assessing the health of your heart, lungs, skin, thyroid, digestive tract, eyes, nose, ears, and hair, as well as a discussion of lab results. Special tests can also be ordered such as food allergies, hormonal health, and metabolism assessment. At the end of the first visit, recommendations will be made to help improve overall health and address main concerns.


For returning clients

60 / 40 / 20 MIN $110 / $80 / $40

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Continue on your path to healing and meet with Dr. Irons to discuss your ongoing treatment plan. This may include botanical tinctures, dietary suggestions, supplements and vitamin prescriptions, and counselling. This may also include a constitutional (body) acupuncture program.