Treatments FAQ

We are so excited to announce the launch of our new booking system, Jane! Our goal is to make your booking experience as seamless as possible. As of June 27th, 2018 we will be using Jane for all online bookings. Please look out for an email from us with a link to the Jane website so you can set up your profile.




What will happen to my future appointment bookings?

All of your future appointments will remain the same. When you create a Jane login using the link in your email, you will be able to view and make changes to your upcoming appointments. It is also good to note that all of your past history will be transferred over to Jane.

Do I need to do anything other than create an online profile with Jane?

Nope! All we need from you is to click the link provided in the email sent to you and create a Jane profile. This is to make sure that all of your contact info is correct so we can get in touch about your appointments.

How do I receive appointment notifications?

To receive appointment notifications, login to your Jane account with the log in you created and go to your Account Settings and opt-in to notifications. You can choose how you would like to receive your notifications: via email and by text message. We will only contact you in the ways you’ve you chosen.

If I book by calling your shop, do I still need to create a Jane profile? How does that work?

If you call our store we will happily book you in over the phone. In order to book an appointment we will have to input your information into Jane and create a profile for you. You do not have to book online unless you want to. We are always happy to coordinate a booking for you. The online profile is for your benefit, as you can change your contact settings, cancel appointments, and view information shared by your aesthetician.



How do I book an appointment?

Treatments can be booked through our website by clicking here or via phone  647-479-5525. Availability varies based the treatment you choose. We use the Jane App for our online booking. It is easy to use and will require an account to book-online.

What if I need an appointment as soon as possible?

Cancellations happen often, we recommend checking back often to see if space has been made available. If you'd like to be put on our waitlist to be alerted to new schedule openings, please call 647-479-4854. All appointments are first come, first served.

How do I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

The easiest way to manage your appointments through your Jane account. Login here and select "Upcoming Appointments" to view, cancel or reschedule your appointments. Or, give us a call at 647-479-5525.

We have a 24 hours cancellation policy that we adhere to strictly. Please read more about this below.

Will you remind me about my appointment?

Yes, you can choose to receive email and/or text message reminders in your Jane account, or let us know over the phone when you book. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have consented to receive notifications under the ‘Reminder Preferences’ section in your Jane account, or over the phone. We are not responsible for missed appointments due to unsubscribed reminders.

Why do we charge the full treatment price if you miss your appointment?

We value the time of our clients and our aestheticians. Clients book our aestheticians for their time and expertise far in advance. If you do not provide us with at least 24 hours notice of cancellation or rescheduling, then we have missed the chance to help a long wait list of clients who are interested in booking with us. We hope you understand that we require a reasonable amount of notice to prepare for your absence, and will charge you the full amount of your treatment in lieu of a 24-hour notification of cancellation or rescheduling.  

What if I’m running late?

Please call us as soon as you know you may be late for your appointment at 647-479-5525 so that your practitioner can prepare accordingly. If you are more than 15 minutes late, it is considered a no-show and you will be charged as per our cancellation policy.

Can I book a treatment at the same time as my friend/family member?

Yes! We have 3 treatment rooms and would be happy to help you find a time you can both come in. If you have issues booking multiple appointments at the same time, please call 647-479-4854 so one of our team members can assist you.

Can I add an eyebrow treatment to my facial?

Yes, you can receive both a brow treatment and facial during the same visit. Please book these appointments back-to-back and note that the appointment may be shorter than the original booking time, due to the fact that we won't’ need as much clean-up time between your appointments.



Where can I park?

There is street parking available for free on Sheridan Avenue, and paid parking on Dundas St W. There is also a paid parking lot in the condo building located at the north-east corner of Dundas St. and Sheridan Ave. 


We accept Visa, MasterCard, Cash or Debit. Cash gratuity is appreciated. Our prices do not include tax. Gift cards can be redeemed at the time of your appointment. 

How early can I arrive for my treatment?

Please arrive no sooner then 20 mins before your treatment, we have a small reception area but our front door will be locked during treatments.

Can I buy products after my facial?

Yes, we have a fully stocked store at our Skincare Clinic.

I have an old gift card, is it still valid?

We honour all gift cards. Please let us know of your gift card at the time of booking your appointment (in the notes section of your booking) and present it to your practitioner at the beginning of your treatment.  We will honour the original treatment purchased up to 1 year. After 1 year from the date of purchase, we will continue to honour the dollar value of the card towards treatments or products.

 Can I use a gift card to pay for my appointment?

Yes, you can use your Treatment or monetary-value gift card towards your facial or brow appointment. However, we cannot accept gift cards as payment for any of Dr. Irons’ appointments, as these can be claimed under benefits.



Who can receive a facial?

Our facials are all natural and customizable for every skin type, so almost anyone can receive one. If you are pregnant, please tell your aesthetician at the time of your appointment, we do not recommend facials during the first trimester.

If you have an active cold sore, active eczema on your face, pink eye or a sty, have been an acutane in the last 12 month or using Retin A, we ask that you book a skincare consultation first to allow us to properly assess your skin and perform sensitivity testing.

How often should I get a facial?

To maintain a healthy skincare regime we recommend coming for a treatment every 4-6 weeks to suit your skin needs and as the season change.

What does a Custom Facial really mean?

Our experienced skincare experts are aware that everyone is unique, dealing with different skin types and concerns. We specialize in customizing every aspect of the facial to your personal needs. We tailor each facial to accommodate the seasonal changes and any specific changes your skin may encounter. We use a wide variety of techniques and ingredients to customize your treatment, including organic raw materials, essential oils, massage, extraction, and lymphatic drainage techniques.


Do all Custom Facials include a take-home Custom Serum?

No, only our First Time Custom Facials include a 7ml Custom Serum in the price. In addition, we always offer a custom serum special: 7ml for $20 with any facial. Just let us know if you would like to take advantage of this offer at your next facial!


Why is there a price difference for different aestheticians?

All of our aestheticians are qualified to perform treatments and have been trained in-house to be able to give the best Province Apothecary experience possible. A Junior Aesthetician is newer to our team and has more availability, while a Senior Aesthetician has been with us for at least a year and has a little more experience with a broader range of skin concerns. You can refer to the 'Our Practicioners' page to read more about our experienced team.

Do you perform extractions?

Our treatment incorporates deep cleansing and opening of the pores to prepare the skin for gentle,  minimal extraction. We do not use aggressive or unnecessary techniques for extraction and will only perform the amount the skin is ready for in a way that is comfortable and effective.  Your skin needs will be discussed and cared for by your aesthetician.

Do you perform milia extraction?

Yes, our aestheticians are trained in milia extraction and can perform extraction when needed.

Should I take off my makeup before my appointment?

We love when our clients come in with no or minimum makeup on their face, it allows us to start the facial techniques sooner; that being said we always cleanse thoroughly so we will happily take off your makeup as well.

When can I put on make-up after my treatment?

To gain the most benefits from the treatment it is advised that you leave your skin make-up free immediately following.  However, if you need to apply any personal products straight after, speak to your aesthetician during your consultation and they will be able to prepare your skin in the best way possible for you.


Is your brow and lash tinting dye natural?

We use the most natural tint on the market today, however it's not 100% natural. It's a vegetable oil base, with sunflower seed oil + lanolin. We mix our tint with peroxide to activate it. Both tint colouring + developer contain chemicals.

How long does tinting last?

The tint will last approximately 3-5 weeks on the brows and/or lashes. This can vary based on the colour and the products you use daily.

Naturopathic + Acupuncture Services

Can I claim Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture on my insurance?

Yes, Nastasia is registered Naturopathic doctor and her appointments can be claimed under Naturopathic services if your insurance policy covers this treatment. However, none of her appointments can be claimed under Acupuncture services. A receipt for insurance purposes will be issued at your appointment.  

Are treatments with the naturopath covered by extended health benefits?

Yes, Dr. Irons is a registered Naturopathic doctor and will provide you with a receipt at the end of the visit. It will include her signature and licence number so that you can use to make a claim if these services are included in your benefits program. Please note we cannot accept Gift Cards as payment for any of Dr. Irons’ appointments.

What can I claim for: Naturopath or Acupuncture?

All services with Dr. Irons are billed under Naturopathic Medicine, including all Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture. You are not able to claim these services under Acupuncture.

Do I have to get acupuncture to see her?

No, you can book a consultation with Dr. Irons where you can discuss healthcare needs and goals. While Dr. Irons likes to include acupuncture as a part of treatment, you can choose to focus on a treatment with or without acupuncture.

Does Acupuncture hurt?

No, these tiny needles are painless, and often barely feel like anything.

Will I have any redness or bleeding post treatment?

No, bruising and red marks are rare, and all signs of having had acupuncture should be gone within 5- 10 minutes of leaving the treatment. You will leave with fresh, glowing skin!

How soon should I return for Acupuncture follow-up appointments?  

It is recommended that you return for 1-3 appointments after your initial Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture appointment to see maximum results. These appointments should be 2-3 weeks apart. We recommend booking these follow-up appointments at the time of your initial appointment to ensure you're able to find available times, as space is limited.


To change or cancel your appointment please login to your Jane account. Need help? Call us at 647-479-5525.

Cancellations made by email or leaving a message are not considered cancelled without confirmation from our team. Please cancel either by speaking to a PA team member or through your Jane account.

Changes to your appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance or your will be charged the full cost of your treatment. If you are cancelling with less than 24 hours notice please call us at 647-479-5525.