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Our Healing Kit is perfect for eczema, psoriasis, and extremely dry skin. Use our balm on irritated, itchy, and dry skin to relieve symptoms. Use our Hydrating Rescue Balm daily to help hydrate and repair the skin. Continue using our Rescue Balm to help strengthen and prevent eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin from returning.(Value $45)

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Apply balm to dry, red, inflamed and itchy areas, daily and as often as needed throughout the day. We recommend covering the area at night with cotton gauze, a bandaid or cotton clothing to help the balm penetrate the skin and to form a protective barrier for fast healing. 

Apply Hydrating Rescue Balm to your skin once your eczema has calmed to prevent future outbreaks. These balms are thick, we push our fingers or finger nails into the balm to get it out and warm it up in our palms. We think: the thicker the balm the better, more potent, powerful + hydrating! Avoid using essential oils, shea butter, or cocoa butter on your eczema.

*For sensitive skin always do a patch test before applying new products

100% safe for moms + babies


Healing Balm 15 ml, Hydrating Rescue Balm 60 ml

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