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Lavender Essential Oil Incense


Calming + Relaxing
Our Lavender Incense smells like a fragrant lavender field in the middle of summer, lifting tension and instilling calm.
We infuse charcoal incense by hand with wild-crafted essential oils to bring you effortless aromatherapy for your everyday spaces. Each package contains 20 sticks. We infuse our incense with pure therapeutic essential oils, no nasty + toxic fragrance oils.


Place incense in incense holder. Light the black end of the stick with a match or lighter. Hold the flame to the stick until it holds its own flame. Let the flame burn for a few seconds. Gently blow out the flame. Soon, smoke will rise and your incense will start to smell. Enjoy. Only burn in a well ventilated area. Don't leave unattended.  *Incense and Brass Holder sold separately. 

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