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Palo Santo



South American Palo Santo, translated as' Holy Wood', is a traditional smudge used in rituals to cleanse the energy of spaces, objects and people. It's sweet scent carries through a space and dispels negative energies. The Palo Santo tree is in the same family as Frankincense and Myrrh and has been considered sacred in South America for centuries. Our Palo Santo comes from artists at fair trade prices and is hand picked in sustainable and traditional manners, and no artificial ingredients of any kind are ever used.
This item is sold by wight and will include 2-3 pieces of Palo Santo, depending on sizes.


To use, simply light one end of the stick by holding a flame to it until it holds it's own flame. Allow it to burn until it starts smoking then blow out the flame. To cleanse a room or house, carry the lit stick clockwise around the area. Make sure to smudge corners and behind doors.