Natural Facelift Ritual
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Perfume Sampler


The perfume sampler comes with ONE sample vial of your choice. Try a few and find your favourite!

No. 7

Sicilian Bergamot / Australian Sandalwood / Bay Laurel
A vibrant + fresh scent to awaken the senses and enliven the spirit, infusing your day with promise and optimism. 

No. 14
Wild Ylang Ylang / Indian Cardamom / Frankincense Caterii
A sweet + spicy scent to stimulate contemplation and thoughtfulness, stirring your creative impulses for dreaming big and making things happen.

No. 19
South African Rose Geranium / Lavender / Egyptian Geranium
The soft + efflorescent scent awakens your inner romantic, comforting your loving heart and kindling your generous spirit.

No. 23
French Lavender / Canadian Black Spruce / Canadian Pine
A balancing + refreshing  scent to awake your carefree and spontaneous spirit, filling your heart with hope and desire to embrace life’s new adventures.

No. 26
Canadian Black Spruce / Frankincense / American Cedar wood
A grounding + woodsy scent to incite confidence and intention, strengthening your resolve while still welcoming of new possibilities.  

No. 30
Clary sage / Bulgarian Rose /Canadian Black Spruce / Vetiver
A rich + seductive scent to inspire courage and boldness, captivating the mind and awakening your inner drive.


Organic essential oils in Organic Jojoba oil. Not all ingredients are listed to protect our perfume formulas. Our Parfums Botanique are hand blended + bottled in our Toronto studio. They are free of synthetic fragrances and chemicals, alcohol, parabens, phthalates, and GMOs. They are vegan and 100 % natural. Avoid this product during pregnancy. 


Apply to wrists and neck as often as desired. To make scent last longer, apply to your hair and to the lining of your clothing.